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ROFEU – Moonglade

Telling a story about the discovery of an unknown planet by lost astronauts that are looking to come back to earth, the newest track of Rofeu makes you float on synthwave and electronic chill. Listening to it with closed headphones, this feels like leaving the planet without getting off your chair.

Once again, those layered soft synth settings of Ruslan Delion, better known as Rofeu, caught me off-guard while exploring Soundcloud for some new tunes. Once again, the young producer created a soft and retro-ish setting that is a perfect environment to get lost in as a listener. It just feels right being in there, there is nothing bad happening, and the flow is steady and harmonic. Rofeu manages to mix the beat not too harsh, so it’s not putting it’s mark too much on the whole synth concept.

If a track doesn’t rush to it’s main theme, I’m always getting curious as a listener. With “Moonglade”, there is a lot happening what might be only obvious to a producer, but without all those additional small things, be it percussive elements, the vocal one-shots or even the synth progression – without these the track wouldn’t work. All of these single elements are essential to transmit a certain kind of feel. And as before in “Flowing River“, this track both is relaxing and adventurous to a point where you catch yourself listening with a certain kind of curiosity and slight head movement to the beat. Well played, Ruslan. Literally.

On top of all the releases throughout mainstream resources, there’s also a video available on Youtube. Those take time as well, folks. Not only doing the music, but also producing a video is really time-consuming, and shows once again that Rofeu is dead serious about his craft. He’s not just about racing to the next release – he wants you to experience his music with all senses.  Works very well for me.

ROFEU on youtube
ROFEU on soundcloud

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