Submit your work

Submit single tracks

If you want me to review one of your tracks, you can submit it here:

Note: Due to the amount of submissions I get every day, there are limited submission slots available, so there’s a good chance that you’ll have to wait a bit until being able to submit. Also, a submission doesn’t guarantee a review on this blog. Visit SubmitHub to find out more.

Other services

I also offer a range of services that go deeper than just reviewing a single track. These include:

  • Reviewing an EP/LP
  • Support with work in progress
  • Help with press kits/promo texts/descriptions
  • Spotlight features

Let me know what you need by sending me an email to the following address.

Don’t just try to submit your single tracks here instead of SubmitHub, this simply doesn’t work, it just takes out the fun for me and will get you blacklisted permanently.

Keep in mind:

Since I have to invest a lot of time and work for these services, they don’t come for free. Depending on what you need from me, I’ll get back to you about timing and content. Payment is donation based (PayPal).

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