What artists say

Here is a selection of what reviewed artists say about my work.

“You can tell what he does is a true labor of love. I feel like his reviews are their own works of art. He really tries to dive into the soul of the song. I really appreciate how much he gives of himself to the artists he covers.”


“This one caught me off guard. It’s hard to write about music and words often fall flat, but this text comes quite close to the feelings I wanted to convey with the music. Thank you for listening and finding the right words.”

Alex komlew

“The music insight and in depth analyses that Flo takes when writing both his excellent reviews and meaningful and helpful feedbacks on submissions is outstanding, as it enables all of us artists to get inspiration and move forward with our music projects.”

filip dahl

“kms reviews is absolutely fantastic. I got support from him for several of my releases now and his reviews are always really thoughtful and honest – you can tell he really cares and listens. Florian is also incredibly kind and a real positive force in the indie community.”

luna keller

“One of the best bloggers/curators working today. Florian properly listens to music and his reviews are beautifully written. He is passionate about music and it really shows in his reviews and playlists.”

james greenfield

“Florian writes really thoughtful incredible reviews. His words have a weight and meaning that is not always present in reviews. The reviews are well thought out and articulate – imaginative and direct. I can’t thank him enough for the effort he puts into this.”

nathaniel hoff, the bergamot

“Florian listens with a level of heart and soul that our world needs more of! He took the time to truly connect to my music and honored it as if it was his very own.”

sara hecht

“kms reviews is an excellent curator. Florian listens and feels the music, then either writes a meaningful rejection or shares a wonderful review. Thank you for being a trusted and valued friend of musicians.”

counting chances

“I am always surprised at the depth of his analysis. To read something like this from music, you have to have enormous understanding and empathy.”

MP grey

“Florian listens to songs with his whole being. Your words and your sound will be heard. His love of music is evident in the detailed track feedback and in the excellent review write ups. The kms blog is a wonderful place to discover new music.”

Becky james

“Florian took time to really listen to the track, the underlying thoughts and the whole EP itself. He looked at the website, other articles and beyond. With that info he created a honest, pure and passionate review. That alone is worth the world to us.”

Frank Leemhuis and Wouter van de Veen, Steelyard

“I love having my songs reviewed by Florian. Genuine support to the artist and his words are full of passion for music. You can tell he listens to every detail and the story you have to tell.”

monica lyrae

“Someone who is passionate about music, avoids the pre-written, trodden paths and is open to new unknown talent. Reading his reviews makes you curious and makes you feel like listening to the music.”

Govert Deploige
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