About kms reviews

kms reviews is a free-time project which started in 2015 as the “kms music blog”, a branch of the main company kings mountain studios (kms). Back then, the blog began a journey with several styles, changing staff and different content until this day. Since 2019, the blog is run and filled with content on a daily basis by Florian Maier, a 42 year old audiophile from southern Germany, CEO/producer at kms, drummer, sound explorer, and music enthusiast.

The reviews and spotlights on this site are done in hope for some of those awesome artists getting some much deserved exposure out there. The main purpose of this blog is to serve as an information hub for music lovers. This only works well if you do something for the kms blog in return: be active! Listen. Share those reviews. Spread the message. Use your voice. Comment. Like. Write. Discuss – it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something.
And if you like what Florian is trying to accomplish here, if you share his passion for music, if you honor his move to try to help out really gifted artists, or if you just like to read his ramblings  – for the love of Pete, buy him a beer.  🙂

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