About kms reviews

What is kms.reviews?

kms reviews is an independent music blog and a source for fresh and unique work of awesome artists. If you are searching for copied press kits or shallow 50 word reviews, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m listening.

What type of content can be found here?

There’s tons of content for you to find here, such as:

  • single track reviews
  • news and updates
  • the ‘close-up’ series, insight provided by artists about their work
  • the ‘quick shot’ series, random questions answered by artists
  • the ‘from the vault’ series, containing discoveries and net snippets

The best part is: all of this comes to you ad-free since day one.

Who’s the evil mastermind behind it all?

Since 2015, the blog is run, designed, programmed and filled with content by Florian Maier, a 43 year old audiophile from Germany, CEO/producer at kms, drummer, sound explorer, and music enthusiast.
Yep. This is a one man gig.

If you like what I’m doing here, if you share my passion for music, if you honor my move to bring you awesome music, or if you just like to read my ramblings  – for the love of Pete, buy me a beer.  🙂

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