About kms reviews

kms reviews is a free-time, non-profit project running since 2015. Starting as the “kms music blog” under the main company of kms music studio, three audiophiles named Leonie, Florian and Ralph decided to write down their thoughts about music from the independent scene. With well over two hundred reviews, the run of the kms music blog ended when Leonie got into fulltime motherhood mode while Ralph and Florian were blocked with other projects almost all of the time.

A renewed homepage after a couple months hiatus didn’t bring the necessary momentum to get the blog back on track, so it went sleeping for another half a year.

Fast forward to 2018, after months of Florian being on sort of a “guerilla mission” mostly over Soundcloud to check out, review and repost tracks in his free time, he was approached by many people who urged him to re-animate the blog, once again bringing you guys out there awesome music.

Well – here we are, folks. Present day. With the help of a few great people, Florian does those reviews and spotlights in hope for some of those awesome artists getting some much deserved exposure out there. The sole purpose of this blog is to serve as an information hub for music lovers. This only works well if you do something for the kms blog in return: be active! Listen. Share those reviews. Spread the message. Use your voice. Comment. Like. Write. Discuss – it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something.
And if you like what Florian is trying to accomplish here, if you share his passion for music, if you honor his move to try to help out really gifted artists, or if you just like to read his ramblings  – for the love of Pete, buy him a beer.  🙂