deMV, Tyla Raé – Is This A Dream

In a warm and summer-ish atmosphere, the new release of deMV feels like finally arriving home after a long journey.

Soft synth textures fill the scene with a serene vibe in which the accessible and emotional vocals exist in a very relaxing manner. What I probably like most about “Is This A Dream” is the unity in which every single used element of the track does its thing. From the laid-back resting beat to omniscient melodic progression to those calm ravishing vocals, everything just feels at the right place at the right time. Due to this fact, the tune feels natural, it feels like it has always been there rather than it was produced. And due to this natural appearance, the tune makes the listener groove slightly along the rhythm while letting go of any sorrow or pain of the day. Long story short, in my opinion, this tune is a perfect catalyst for one of these everlasting beach summer nights, making you feel the warmth of the day while allowing you to get lost in dreams and thoughts.

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Florian Maier

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