ROFEU – Flowing River

The contrast between old and new.

Today I needed a break from the pre-christmas hectic out there. While all those guys and girls are running in circles doing last-minute christmas shopping, my refuge was my studio, headphones, and the new song of Ruslan Delion, better known as ROFEU.

Starting with an original quote, the song all of a sudden creates a dreamy atmosphere with several reverbed layer of synth and ambience sounds. What caught my attention right away was that blend of almost asian tunes with more old-schoolish instrument layers like a piano. While being guided by a steady slow and soft beat, the listener starts to slightly groove and go with the flow. This is just a track to calm down, to reach for that small part of inner piece we sometimes hide away for strange reasons. ROFEU reminds us that it’s not always about time, success and loudness, it’s the little things as well, those that are also part of who we are.

And to throw it right at ‘ya – Delion is just nineteen (!)  years old. I mean, I’m over twice as old as he is – and until today I haven’t been able so far to create such an incredible calming musical setting. I guess we all (as musicians and listeners) could learn a thing or two from him. Checking out other tracks from his portfolio, like “Beyond“, it became obvious that in the light, playful way he handles melodies, progression and overall concept of his music, his music is not only a way of expressing his own soul, it’s his passion as well.

With a promising signature sound, and a skilful way of producing those tracks (he does the mixing work behind the faders as well), ROFEU has what it takes to make a name for himself out there in the music industry. No doubt.

ROFEU on youtube
ROFEU on soundcloud

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