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Séa Byrne – That’s Why I Love U – Verano Mix

In his newest release, Irish singer/songwriter Séa Byrne once again manages to create a sophisticated pop chill track. Ready for a load of groove?

The first notes of the tune already are giving away that you can expect a smooth tune. With a soft and somewhat carribean-ish rhythm, the tune starts to pick up speed with defensive guitar melodies and a summer-ish strumming drive. The track creates a scenario that reminds me of a beach somewhere in carefree country.

With that outstanding, hard to categorize ‘why not?’ vibe connected to “That’s Why I Love U”, the track manages to feel lightweight and driving. Picturing a love letter straight from the heart, the track has this genuine blend of elements that, along the calm yet soulful vocals, give the tune a very honest no-shenanigans approach.

Byrne is a freakin’ genius when it comes to blending different genre elements into new genres. He did that before with “Blue Skies ’22“, or with “Home” I wrote about a couple of months ago. By doing so, he brings that special fun into a genre that has to be named yet.
But hey, you guys know me, right. I already thought of a name. I’d name it ‘Byrneton pop’.

Find out more about Séa Byrne here:

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