Estella Dawn – If You Were In Love

Once again, singer/songwriter Estella Dawn proves to be one of the most intense storytellers out there. In every other track of hers, you won’t just find some melodies and lyrics, but there’s also always a ton of emotion and passion attached.

Her newest tune “If You Were In Love” is no exception to this rule. Bound to a melancholic core, the tune takes an unfiltered swing at the impact an unrequited love can have on us. The track starts calm and reflective but builds up to be an intense statement and a real talk about what happens when we aren’t truly open to each other.

And that is what attracts me most to this track. Of course, you have these seductive vocals and a soulful way of transmitting emotions, I have made it clear by now I love those skills of Dawn. But what lies beneath the story is spoken out of so many hearts and souls out there. Many of us will find ourselves in between the lines and notes, feeling exactly what it’s about. While this starts as a painful journey at first evolves into something positive because the tone of the tune changes from being down to standing your ground. It’s time to speak out, and this track is the anthem for doing so. As the track clearly describes feelings and vibes, it also lifts your spirit because of the intensity the singer puts into it. Once again, there’s a high amount of feelable heart and soul present in “If You Were In Love”, making the tune relatable, feelable and honest. No grown-up out there can tell me that he or she doesn’t know what this track stands for.

Florian Maier

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