Séa Byrne – Home (Hibernia Mix)

There’s a signature fresh and lightweight drive attached to the new release of Dublin based musician Séa Byrne. But be careful, guys: this sound is really addictive! Continue listening at your own risk.

It’s hard to pinpoint a certain genre in which this tune is at home. With a jumpy positive attitude, the backing creates this youthful fresh atmosphere that feels a lot like breathing in fresh air right after it stopped raining. And there are the vocals, which are done in a friendly positive manner, being attached to a slight fun undertone. Done this way, the track just feels like the guy in the pub that everybody likes, just because there’s not a single damn thing wrong with him.

With quite a minimal concept, the track puts out what I’d like to call a ‘smiling groove’. Loaded with a positive drive and a funky vibe, the story is told in an almost quirky melodic manner. Heck, the tune is even changing languages and also won’t back away from vocal chopping to maximise its surprises. Yet it does so with a serious moodset to transmit the importance of the story as well. And if you think this one’s sticking to your head, check out the Caribe Mix – this almost guarantees that you won’t get the tune out of your head for the rest of the week.

Find out more about Séa Byrne here:

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