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Christopher Pellnat – I Saw Everything

With all my main projects, side projects, family projects and hobbies growing over my head lately, today I needed something to calm me down. Something quiet, handmade, and honest. Luckily there’s Chris Pellnat and his new track “I Saw Everything”.

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys – in the last weeks, I got kind of fed up with those over-produced, heavily loaded, flat-mixed, autotuned one-hit-wonder-wannabe tracks out there. These days it’s getting really hard to find music worth listening to. I feel that there’s a certain desperation to get heard out there by any means necessary, and although me as a producer knows exactly how this feels when releasing a track,  it’s me the listener who gets really mad about that massive quantity (NOT quality) of songs available out there. Sometimes it feels like the whole world has forgotten what was the reason to make and listen to music. (Some of you might have wondered why I didn’t as much reviews as I used to – that’s the reason.) Most of the time I go searching for new tracks to recommend, there’s that head-shaking-in-disbelieve involved – but not this time. The newest track of Chris Pellnat reminded me that there still are musicians out there trying to transmit their vision of music, and I needed that.

For this track, Pellnat went with a minimalistic, old-fashioned guitar-and vocals setting which feels a bit improvised when I first heard it, but that’s a great thing because with this he’d be able to unpack his guitar anywhere and just start singing along. That’s living, breathing music, folks. (You can’t do THAT as a not-so-rising autotune-mumble-rap artist now, can you.) The guitar playing is solid, and the vocals are honest and not processed, making this track feelable from the first notes.  The whole track progression is done very intriguing, because I couldn’t really decide whether to categorize this as “lightweight” or “melancholic”. I figured this as a wanted effect – as if Pellnat wanted to leave it up to the listener to judge what to make of it. If you’re in the game of making music long enough, as an artist you might experiment with the mood of a track.

Chris Pellnat isn’t an unknown name for me. Back in the days I already stumbled over his work when he collaborated with Mercy Weiss (you can read the spotlight feature here). One of the things that define the New York based musician – besides being a skilled artist of course –  is his ability to collaborate with several artists of several genres, and that – along the fact that he also is part of a folk-rock band called “The Warp/The Weft” – are enough reasons for me to recommend you checking out his other works available on bandcamp and soundcloud. You’ll find honest, passionate music there, a mixture of feeling, emotion, talent, skill, fun and creativity. In other words: the essence of music.

Chris Pellnat on soundcloud
Chris Pellnat on facebook

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