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Anna Fogel – Breeze

Emotions that hit the mark

I got to admit, this one hit me without warning. While listening, I found myself staring blank onto my desktop monitor doing nothing. Just sitting there. Delievering raw emotions, carried with vocals your ears are absorbing like a sponge and a melody that carries intense emotions, Anna Fogel once again managed to just stop me from what I was doing.

I heard and reviewed a track of the beautiful singer/songwriter Fogel last year, and since I knew she does make slow, emotional ballads (and I needed that today), I checked if she created something new since she released her EP “Vretstorp Sessions” at the end of 2016. Well, she didn’t, but still I found myself listening to her tracks of said EP. And once again her tracks managed to make me step on the brake for a couple of minutes, so to speak.
“Breeze” has a simple yet very effective concept of female vocal tracks backed by reverbed piano and minimal string and percussion tracks. This leaves the stage and the spotlight on Fogel’s soft thoughtful voice. Holding back to an almost fragile extend, the artist manages to fill the song without being too… aggressive doing so. (Yes, I know, my explanations have been better, but it’s hard to describe only with words.)

Being in an emotional state like today, I could listen to Fogel’s songs for hours. She balances between melancholy and happiness, always reminding you that emotions are key to music. The song isn’t sad, nor is it happy – it’s more like a blend of emotions. The mix of this and the other tracks of the “Vretstorp Sessions” is done carefully, leaving the much needed accents by not overcompressing all the tracks. Someone knew exactly what they were doing here.
If you want to really feel something while listening, if you need something slow, melodic and emotional for this day to close, this one’s for you. I really hope that Fogel is planning something new already. Can’t wait to hear more from this outstanding talent.

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