Josh Tepper – Built Me (Duet Version)

With a perfect blend of emotion and energy, of vibe and groove, this tune of singer/songwriter Josh Tepper is a piece of the meaningful puzzle called life.

A relaxed setting builds the canvas for both the male and female vocals. With a gentle drive, the tune contains just enough energy that it enhances the passion and emotion that “Built Me” is based on. The track is an alternate version of the original tune, adding more depth and smoothness due to the duet concept. In many of his other works, the New York-based artist creates a very soulful atmosphere, and this track is no different. And it’s not done with highly complex melodic constructs or tons of backing elements, it’s rather a general understanding of what belongs where.

And there you have it, the secret ingredient of successful songwriting. That’s what I love about this track. It’s the big picture, the wholesome scenario of sound and feeling without focusing on just one single element. The perfect blend of passion and melody. This only happens when the heart and soul are the ones telling the story.

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Florian Maier

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