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CDP – Timeless

Intense, raw, and honest. Those are the three words that probably describe the latest track of german rap artist David Jacobi, better known as CDP, best.

The signature vocals of Jacobi are really sticking to your head once you heard them. The other day I was driving to work and had that single line “give me a beat, I ride it” repeating in my head over and over again. The music is constructed pretty straightforward with no useless side tracks or loads of effect chains. I like it when musicians take the direct way to deliver the message. This is way more risky because you don’t have the option of that bag of tricks regarding doublers, delays, or thick synth track settings. On the other hand this might as well backfire at you as an artist because if your message sucks, or if you’re just untalented, this won’t work.

In the case of “Timeless”, it really hits the mark. Some might say the vocals are edgy and… well, ‘germanized’, but it’s exactly what makes the track work with those melodic backing tracks and the smacking beat. The message is done right in the face, and it feels like “what are you going to do about it, boy?”.  Along those backing female one-shots and the minimal piano melody, this feels intense and honest. You gotta recognize that CDP is not only an act, it is sort of a lifestyle. This also shows while clicking through some of the other tracks, like “Abyss”  or “Sense“, which really took me back a couple of years where another band had really great success with that kind of melodic rap. (You know the rules of the kms reviews, guys, I won’t compare anyone directly to existing bands, but you’re well entitled of your own opinion, so just listen, you’ll know. 🙂 ) What stands out in every single track of CDP are those intense vocals along a quite minimal and somewhat industrial-ish setting. The beats and backing tracks are usually chosen more rock than pop/rap style, and this adds some original feel as well, because once again this isn’t the ordinary way of creating genre-typical tracks. Seems like Jacobi won’t easily give into the regulations and restrictions of a certain genre, and there you have it, folks – THIS is how you going to get far out there. You gotta stand out from the rest. And in case of CDP, in my opinion this is something extraordinary not meant to be overlooked. Or in the words of the song: no more submerge and hiding.

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