Kenny Sharp – World Stand Still

With his latest release, the soulful singer/songwriter Kenny Sharp once again proves his ability to transmit not only notes but also feelings. Backed by a relaxed slow-burning groove, the song creates a warm and wholesome atmosphere. The scenery puts the focus on the captivating vocals, as the tune feels like a warm summer night at the campsite. A slight groove is enriched with sparkling percussive extras and a relaxed bass line.

And the rhythm and energy change happening later in the tune puts the icing on the cake. Once you settle in the warm and fuzzy scenery, the tune changes forma and vibe, developing into a whirlwind of emotion and passion while still keeping its soulful core intact. I love the fact that the tune contains a true core that is present at all times, no matter what energy is transmitted. And that is the true power of what is described a “hymn for the hurried soul in a world that never pauses” – it delivers honesty without the boundaries of following a defined path.

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