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Lynn – Fire Burning

This song is quite a multitalent. It eases your pain with those soft, slow melodies and vocals, it lifts you up with an incredible amount of “it’s not THAT bad now, is it”-feel attached to the music, and that slow effect-loaded beat lets you dance with a smile on your face. All of this, folks, is “Fire Burning”.

Young pop-soul singer-songwriter Lynn Herzog has really an addictive voice. Mixed with a soft, reverbed synth setting that evolves into an energetic pop-dance tune, the latest track of Lynn unfolds the beauty of genre blending. Often times I found that it’s quite challenging for singers to sing along electro without singing flat and soulless because of the nature of electro. You gotta feel what you are doing as a vocalist, otherwise you’ll automatically blend into the linear monotone pattern of electro. (For example, have you ever talked to someone who has a sore throat and therefore can only whisper? You’ll find yourself whispering too, although it’s not YOU that is hoarse. That’ll be the same effect.)

But with Lynn it’s completely different. She can take cold, metallic sound texture and turn it into the most beautiful soul-filled thing, just with using her voice. She manages to… I don’t know, wrap her voice around the backing music like a blanket. Of course, the reason why “Fire Burning” is such a great song isn’t only because of the vocals. The backing scenery was carefully constructed, and masterfully mixed as well. There’s a lot happening in the background speaking of effects and one-shots which most of the people probably miss when hearing for the first time, but it’s really important for the overall feel of the track. The feel is what made me do this little write-up, this track actually transmits a huge load of feeling. Like with another of her songs, “Lonely Hearts“, the artist manages to let my mind build a scenery. Once this is done, you got me. Feeling is the most important component in music, right.

In a musical landscape that is so overwhelming that nowadays’ listener cannot even decide where to look for new outstanding talent and music, I almost didn’t see/hear Lynn out there, although she is so skilled AND present in all the main media outlets. It’s a a shame that today you may never find such a great talent although you spend your life searching. But once I stumbled over her works, her music made me an instant fan. THIS is something to feel, folks. But don’t just take my word for it. Listen and see for yourself.

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