Electronic Senses – Nyu

Tonight I was taken on a trip through the world of electro. And boy, I loved that trip so much I instantly put it on repeat.


Maybe it’s the playful way of combining and connecting these almost retro-like synths, maybe it’s the partly harsh mix which reminds me a lot of the oldschool ’90 mixes, I don’t know. There’s something to the music of spanish producer Joel Palahi, better known as “Electronic Senses”, that keeps me caught in these waves of electro, beat, and wave. He uses several synth tracks that are backed by a quite steady beat which takes not too much away from the main attraction. Sometimes it sounds quite chiptune, then he changes pace and mood, getting more of a haunted ghostly feel in it. The progression this track is going through is amazing, the track never gets too linear or boring, but constantly keeps changing and evolving.

What starts like a night-drive home with the city lights flashing by, all of a sudden changes into a disco-ish style and ultimately evolves into a setting as if you just entered level two of a video game – all with “just” the usage of different synth layers. This creativity combined with the ability to actually merge these styles seamlessly is called skill, folks. Nowadays, we all are used to only one theme in a song, right. There you go – main melody, main beat pattern, and two or three risers, that’s it. But not with “Nyu”. Not at all.

Now, there’s a slight possibility that Palahi got me with this combination of synths and progression because it basically covers many of the musical styles I grew up with. So what? Isn’t this great? The producer was able to fire up those memories with one of his tracks. THAT’s what’s music is all about. I love to be drawn into a certain mood, or be reminded of those good, old days as a kid, or just get pumped up enough to survive the streets out there when running the next 10k. As long as I feel what’s going on, it’s great. So, whoever wants to join me on this trip down memory lane…there are still seats available. Just press play.

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Electronic Senses on youtube

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