Teminite – Beastmode

Careful, guys – this track of Sam Norris, better known as Teminite, will get you moving right away. You probably should check what your doctor says before listening. But where would be the fun in THAT, right.

So, who of you is into running a 10k every now and then? I know I am, it helps to get the head free of unnecessary thoughts, you can put on headphones and forget about the daily struggle at work for a while. (Plus, of course, it helps to keep a half-decent body for the next vacation on the beach.) Whoever puts on those running shoes usually needs something to kick off the workout with a bang. Something uplifting for the first 2k, to get you going. And boy… “Beastmode” is my new theme for this.

Lured by a relative cooled-off, relaxed intro with minimal melody and beat, tension is rising with the slow progression. At some points, the melodies and used synths remind me of chiptune or those 90’s soundtracks of those arcade shooters. But you can’t finish that thought, because all of a sudden you are exactly like the title says – in absolute beastmode. With those genre-typical distorted synths and an awesome kicking beat you’ll find yourself at operating temperature, with a heart rate around 150 and an evil grin on your face. The signature element on many of Terminite’s tracks is that huge amount of drive and energy coming along his compositions. Many times it’s action-packed with melodic one-shots, effect chains that make you happy and angry at the same time (ain’t that just great?) and an unbelievable amount of drive happening throughout the song in a fashion that when the producer actually gives you a break with cutting off the beat and introducing a soft melody you just KNOW it won’t last long.

Often times the Leeds-based producer makes use of those awesome melodic chiptune-ish patterns like in “Night Drive“, but his arsenal doesn’t stop there. At all. He also does almost disco-like pop (check out “Standing Tall“) or can easily push step-groove EDM like he did in “Crushing On You” with Georgia Denham. Seems like he is experimenting with his skills on a day-to-day base, and that, my friends, is creativity at its finest.

“Beastmode” is over 2 years old, but this just shows the straight concept of Norris. Constantly re-inventing himself, he manages to stay true to his style over the years, always keeping the special ingredient to his tracks. I didn’t really find a track I didn’t like, there’s always something to them to make them have this YES-effect. Don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself.

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