Pastis – Around Here

With a soft and almost retro vibe, the guys of the finnish rock band Pastis take you on a journey to show you a bit of their world. Get ready to feel it.

Taken from their upcoming LP “Circles”, this track just… feels right from the first time I heard it. With those slightly distorted and sometimes almost dreamy guitar backings, the stage is set for the comforting vocals to shine. The signature style of the band is kind of hard to describe, but it really has an awesome flavor to it. While it reminds me of bands from the past decade, it also has a certain amount of future pop element in it. Even the mixing work done on the tracks reflects that certain – lets call it – “futuretro” style. Maybe this is nowadays hybrid of alternative rock, who knows. I’m not too good at analyzing music, but I’m feeling the music of Pastis more than hearing it anyway. And what I’m feeling with “Around Here” is real honest, handmade music. You can practically experience the fun and passion those guys have when playing. That’s not reading note sheets and linear chord progressions, that’s part of their life they’re giving. Well, of course, since they’re musicians, right. But it doesn’t matter if they pick up speed like they did on “On The Run“, or if they step on the brakes like they did on “Valour Valour” – they are always able to transmit the feel what they intended through their music. If you’re able to do so, THAT’S when you hit the jackpot as a musician.

When I checked their facebook account, I learned that the schedule for Pastis is kind of stacked right now with live gigs. No wonders at all, since they got all the tools they need to go big out there. They’ve got skill, passion, desire and an awesome amount of style to make a name for themselves, and they already started to do so. Don’t miss the release of “Circles” on Feb 8th, folks. As you already know by now, that’s real music we’re talking about. Get ready to feel it.

Pastis on soundcloud
Pastis on spotify
Pastis on facebook

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