KATO-SAMA – Pearl feat. Apollo Kade

From the first seconds on, that synth is going to abduct you into the world of KATO-SAMA. Don’t worry, you’ll like it there.

What got my attention with this track was the mixture of electro sounds with an irresistible warm vocal track. But it doesn’t just stop with the mix of synth and vocals. The mix is done in perfection here. Listening to the track feels like hot tub relaxing for the ears. (Okay, odd comparison, but you get the picture, right.) The track is mixed warm and laid back, with the synths sitting on the lower eq bands and the vocals delivering the rest.

I like how the producer mixes up the electro/new/wave/futuristic elements with almost kind of retro melodies and harmonies. This track takes its time, doesn’t rush anything, and therefore creates an awesome amount of flow without getting too slow or boring. For me, this works greatly, because it triggers an emotion like stepping into a room with amazing stuff in it. While processing everything in sight, there’s always a new element to enjoy and explore. The secret ingredient of this and other songs of KATO-SAMA is diversity. Doesn’t matter if it’s asian based melodies, angelic synth lines added to emotional vocals as heard in “Neon Blues“, a dangerous deep-down atmosphere with subby basses and piano lines in “Dangerous“, or even that catchy drumline and autotune in “Diamonds“, every track of the new released EP “Colors” shows how versatile KATO-SAMA is, with the red line through all his projects being not to rush anything. These are all awesome thought out productions worth your time. This producer will be going big out there. Even better, he will invent a new genre or two in the process.

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