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Party Of The Sin – Another Sun

Gather round the campfire, boys and girls. Let me tell you a little story: once upon a time there were those four guys from Santiago, Chile. Jamming together, they soon found out they had that special chemistry to create awesome handmade alternative rock songs. “Another sun” is one of these awesome songs.

With an incredible soft and emotional guitar intro, the song creates sort of a “spotlight atmosphere” where you can imagine the singer sitting there on stage with no effects but the said spotlight. The band then adds the other instruments over time, thus building a progression as well as tension for this outstanding alternative rock track. The vocals are done with passion and emotion, so overall the song transmits a great amount of feeling. The chorus part blew me off, because I didn’t expect that to happen. All of a sudden, you’re in full rock mode. Don’t you just love it when that happens? You’re tricked by a certain structure, and then the band decides to go BOOM on you just like that. Excitement, energy, tension, all of it produces that signature element for the guys of Party Of The Sin to be successful in what they do.

Gabriel Sara, Fernando Cordero, Zack Arnstein and Pablo Stagnaro have everything it takes to just go and rock the living hell out of any stage they go on. The music they play is something to feel. Even without long hair I felt the need to bang my head while listening to “Explode“,  me as a drummer tried to figure out that wicked drum theme in “She Stole” (hats off, Pablo), and the the producer in me kept grooving to “My Head” and most other songs because they are mixed rock solid. There’s a huge amount of diversity going on within the songs of Party Of The Sin, they keep reinventing their style over and over again. Too bad I cannot see them live, they must be really entertaining to watch. This is not something linear, this music is constantly in motion. Don’t just take my word for it folks, check out their online sources and you’ll share my opinion. Guaranteed.

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Florian Maier

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