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Ma’Dear – Ketosis

With an awesome synth and drum setting, Justin Aguilar aka Ma’Dear invites you into a strange dreamland in between electro, chill and electronica.

I was searching for some moody track today. You know, these days where you want something to enjoy, but nothing too energetic (because you only had two cups of coffee yet and its still dark outside). And I found it in “Ketosis”.

The producer from San Diego uses several synth tracks,  a couple of those sound quite vintage, others of them are really soft and warm. In addition with those female vocal one-shots you’ll find yourself into this awesome groove setting, where Aguilar uses the right amount of beat and relaxation to keep the track at its slow, but steady pace. Probably the best thing about this track is how well-rounded everything works together. There’s a lot going on here regarding the melodies and the effects, and even on repeat the track offers something new after several times you heard it. I really like diversity in songs, and this one has lots of it. Plus imagine where you can hear this song to full effect. For example, waiting for the train at 2 am at a deserted train station. Walking through the woods on a foggy evening. Heck, this one’s great for the next cooking session in the kitchen or the next 10k run. It’s an outstanding achievement to create something THAT versatile in my opinion.

The overall mix is great. There’s no glitches, and the effects are merged really well into the overall scenery. Mixing a track in this fashion takes time, and we’re not talking creative time here, right. I know, I keep repeating myself, but that’s just because I myself spent hours of trying to find the right mix balance. With “Ketosis” (and most of the other tracks on his soundcloud account) it all seems so easy, everything falls right in place. And the skilled producer doesn’t stop with just the electro genre, he does piano tracks as well as knocking remixes. So… yes, you should definetly keep an eye on what Ma’Dear is producing next. I know I will.

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