Disharmonikerna – Vem gavs visionen?

The new release of the Swedish band Disharmonikerna holds a very warm retro feel with a certain amount of melancholy for me as the listener.

As with the other tracks of Disharmonikerna, unfortunately I couldn’t follow the swedish lyrics, so I let the music have an impact on me with just the description telling me that the song is about the temptation to give up and adopt a cynical attitude just to endure life.

The music has a certain laid back melancholic vibe attached. Flanged and reverbed guitar tracks create this roomy warm atmosphere that feels very honest and retro styled for me. The vocals fit in there perfectly, since they are taking their time to deliver, and they sound rich and emotional with a certain feel attached that I can only describe as ‘vintage wisdom’. It’s not really melancholy or sadness, but there’s this ‘been there, done that’ vibe present. I also love the fact that the backing music as well as the lyrics have their time and space to shine in the song. There’s a special give-and-take happening between the single elements, making the track a well-rounded, warm alt rock/pop piece.

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Florian Maier

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