tHe Caretaker – Mystery

Man. This one would be a perfect slow-motion entrance theme when walking into the next meeting. I guess I have to install monster speakers in the conference room asap. Plus I need to wear a black suit and sunglasses inside when attending the next meeting.

With saturated synth lines and an awesome pumping beat, this track really fills the headphones with energy. While taking its time, the song slowly progresses into a piece of art – just with the use of several arpeggiated synth lines, until the whole track is filled with a melody all of a sudden. Christof Steinert aka tHe Caretaker proves with this roomy massive track that electro doesn’t have to be linear, constant or flat at all. With an intelligent design, the german producer adds a bit percussion here, and a reverbed vocal one-shot there – and in an almost mysterious way this thing merges into the definition of “groove”.

Once again, the secret of creating really awesome music follows the same pattern: a main theme, and some “huh. I didn’t expect THAT!” elements along the way. That’s it. It’s like the perfect recipe for those awesome fluffy sunday morning pancakes. Overdo it, and they’ll come out neither awesome nor fluffy, but flat, burned and with a godawful taste. Stick to the recipe, and you won’t eat anything else for a long time. Same here. Since the german DJ/producer is sort of the master cook in this scenario, the track doesn’t get boring even when going on repeat (which it does since started writing). Steinert manages to stick to a main theme, and creates a haunting, almost mysterious atmosphere along the way. You gotta love the lightweight feel to his work, although it’s not easy to create such a track at all. Heck, whoever tried to mix an electro track knows that the mixing process alone takes hours, if not days to complete. And that’s just the technical part of it, not the creative one.

Long story short: this track feels cool and slick. It’s entertaining, it’s groovy, and it’s a great pick for all electro lovers out there. Yes, this means YOU. Headphones on. Click play. Eat some pancakes. Repeat.

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