Cihan Güneşer – Future (Original Mix)

Where no man has gone before.

Like stepping through an airlock into another environment, the newest track of Cihan Güneşer abducts you to a world of beat and groove. Get ready to expect the unexpected.

With a roomy, awesome single note intro, the track sets the stage for those massive thick synthlines. The groove with the shaker-ish percussion has got dance potential and makes you move your head instantly. With cold, metallic textured female vocals, the track transmits sort of a “mechanical” feel that’s really hard to describe, but listening to the track of the producer from Istanbul, you’ll know what I mean. This feel is even injected more with the extended version of the track, also available on Soundcloud.
Güneşer is doing a great job with combining several arpeggiated synth lines, forming them into a conglomeration of effectful dance wave. Imagine a dancefloor only lighted by single spotlights with dancers being more shadows than humans. This would be a perfect set for “Future”. With a clean crisp mix the track has no flaws regarding technique.

I am a huge fan of tunes which are not overloaded with single tracks, because only then it shows if an artist has got what it takes to make creativity feelable. Merging hundreds of instruments, effects and vocals into one thick , flat mainstream track isn’t an art form anymore, because anyone can do that. It takes creativity, curiosity and skill to get something going with minimal structure. As you can hear, Güneser has loads of it.  “Future” is a perfect example of that.

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Cihan Güneşser on tidal
Cihan Güneşer on youtube

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