Nine Year Sister – Everybody’s Going Somewhere

If you feel down, this one will offer it’s hand, lifting you up from the ground, cleaning the dust off your clothes, saying “it’s okay. Everything’s gonna be fine.” At least, this was my initial feel of this awesome indie pop track.

Recently I reviewed a song of producer BABYLON-X  who was supported by Nine Year Sister members Jennie and Emma to create an electro track. Since I instantly fell in love with the voices of those two on this track, I got curious about what they had in store regarding own releases.
With their newest release “Everybody’s Going Somewhere” they put up an awesome emotional slow track that gives you a heavy heart while listening. Backed by a soft played piano, the stage is set for those fragile flawless vocals. At first, these vocals along the soft piano backing make you feel like standing alone at a canyon, staring into the void out there. The track takes its time to tell its story, and with intelligent usage of percussive elements, backing vocals and harmonies sort of “guides” you through the lyrics.
This tune also reveals the secret you don’t need too much to do a great song. No special effects, not hundreds of tracks nor excessive usage of effect chains. The spot is set on the two outstanding singers, right where it should be.
The production is really a thing of beauty. The vocals are placed in the upper eq band where they should be, the drums and backing melodies are mixed in defensively not to disturb the overall progression, and the piano sounds warm and roomy. So, guys behind the faders, I salute you. Twice.

The two australian sisters are going far with their great music, I am absolutely sure about that. They sing flawless, and since they write their own tracks, they also got a ton of creativity, just waiting to break out in the form of new tracks. Can’t wait for the next one.

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Nine Year Sister on youtube

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