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Sail By Summer – Low Tide Exit

Taken off the 2019 released album “Casual Heaven”, this track invites you to close your eyes for a couple of minutes.

With a soft approach and some soundscape synths, the track starts quite dreamy. The soft and emotional vocals are blending perfect into this half handmade, half electro environment along guitars, synths and percussive elements. The vocals are the highlight in the track in my opinion, when harmonized/doubled they add a special… lets call it ‘heavy heart element’ to the track.

As the track progresses, the intensity rises, all of a sudden the track feels like flying through the clouds, with energetic guitar tracks and a driving rhythm section. I love the fact that the track of the norwegian alternative band takes you on a journey with the sound it offers, when it’s over you will be looking back and probably pushing that repeat button because you don’t want that uplifting journey to end just yet.

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Florian Maier

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