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Gili Portal – Forest

Attention, you’re entering a mysterious world here. This track of Gili Portal will send chills down your spine.

With a slow, dark approach, this track takes its time to deliver with minimal backing elements. First, it’s just drums, claps, and this awesome voice of Portal to put a spell on you. Later, there are several other instruments introduced which create a lot of tension and energy to the track.
The atmosphere of “Forest” feels uncomfortable, you have the feeling as if you’re completely alone, you want to look over your shoulder because the monotone melody makes you think someone’s watching you, you feel lost and desperate. And you know what? I love it. I love when an artist is able to create this whole scenery with just one song. I am sure of the fact that making you feel this way was the exact intention of Portal in the first place. The album was created while dealing with a condition called “Stills desease”. I googled it, and believe me, this is no ordinary everyday flu we’re talking about here. This makes me wonder how people can be strong enough to cope with things like that with creating beautiful music like this. I know I couldn’t.

With “Forest” and the other tracks of her new released album “Stills” the singer/songwriter tries to make you feel something she experienced, and in my opinion she did a perfect job. You actually will feel rather than just hear the sound. And I love the fact that she chose to give the listener not just the good feelings of her life to experience but also the bad. It’s called life, folks.

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