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Ryan Melone – Diamonds

Homecooked guitar melodies, a groovy beat and a defensive beat – Nashville based singer/songwriter Ryan Melone doesn’t need more to make the world a cooler place.

Singing along with clear and confident vocals, the multitalent Melone creates a solid track to guide you – that is, of course, unless he decides to go a little psychedelic on the listener. I didn’t really expect this when I first heard the tune, but in my opinion its plain awesome. If you ask me, I think every listener out there needs a piece of this floaty, unguided trip every now and then. With phased guitars and trippy beats, the track evolves into a surreal environment where time and place isn’t an issue anymore. I found myself asking why the track wasn’t about ten minutes longer – whoever played songs like this in a session probably knows that these themes can quickly grow into a total different direction as planned. And I love that in music, it has the ability to carry the musician as well as the listener wherever the mood set decides to.

But even with 2:38, the track gives you a glimpse of what the musical mindset of Melone is all about. I don’t think that there IS something like “genre boundaries” in his vocabulary. It’s a great signature style to be unpredictable.

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