Adam A Nelson – Tomorrow Never Knows

Not his newest release, but this piece by singer/songwriter Adam A Nelson has a certain honest and wise undertone connected to it. Maybe it’s the storytelling, maybe it’s the slow melodic groove, the swing, the lighthearted textures, the variety of instrument tracks working… but maybe it’s just the whole tune.

You gotta love the fresh way in which the tune does its thing. With sophisticated melodic approaches, all of the instrument tracks bring some sprinkles of fun and an overall glow to the table. There’s a special vibe connected to “Tomorrow Never Knows”, and for me, it’s because of the variety of instruments and melody. As soon as you get used to one concept, there’s another one introduced, and for some reason, they all work perfectly together. You get retro-vibed chords along a lush bass line, spiced with some percussive extras, wah-wah glow, and those melodic parts that just make you move. (And yes, tapping your feet or nodding your head while listening counts as moving too.)

The artists managed to close the gap between high-end music conception and fun. The track doesn’t take itself too seriously, and therefore it instantly gets relatable and accessible. The outcome is a multitalented vibe that has an effect almost everywhere where music is allowed and needed. That’s the main thing I love about it, the tune triggers a reaction in the listener. And it does so with a smile, an irresistible groove, and next-generation musical storytelling. Listening through the other works of Nelson, you’ll find a wide range of musical facets, it’s clear to me that the artist can (and will!) express anything through his sound.

Florian Maier

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