Vera Vinter – Du gör mig rädd

In contrast to so many shallow pop tunes out there, the new tune of singer/songwriter Ver Vinter delivers emotion, passion, and a heartwarming component that is hard to put into naked words.

Backed by a minimal set of guitar and strings, the track builds an atmosphere that serves as a safe haven for the ravishing vocals. Other than the original tune which was enriched with a rhythm set and a whole other energetic concept, this tune feels vulnerable to a point when you stop whatever you were doing. All of a sudden, there’s just you and this song in the room. And although my Swedish is a bit rusty (okay, “rusty” as in “non-existent”), I feel the intention of the tune. Telling about falling in love head over heels, the track uses feelings everyone knows, and while doing so, the track fully delivers even without the need to understand the lyrics.

The beauty of music lies in its ability to transmit something that words cannot. Vera Vinter uses this fact to create beauty and poetry within those four minutes of music that everyone can relate to. This release is perfect for feeling something.

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Florian Maier

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