Tristan Palmer – Don’t Wanna

The new release of singer/songwriter Tristan Palmer contains a unique blend of honesty and emotion. Creating a warm and quite minimal setting built upon guitar and some soft vocal extras, the track does its thing in what I’d like to describe as signature-styled laid-back intensity. The moderate vocals have a certain beaten-down texture, yet they’re not spreading melancholy all over the place. The track rather feels like the times when you sit outside, look at the sun going down, thinking about what happened and what the future might bring.

And for me, it’s exactly this feelable vibe that makes “Don’t Wanna” so special. The tune does its thing pretty laid-back, but it also carries enough emotional weight to transmit authentic and sophisticated content that originates from the heart and soul. Being about remembering how good it feels to be in charge of your own energy and space, the track is a lighthouse for those whose memory needs to be refreshed. For me, the tune helps you see things the way you used to.

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Florian Maier

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