Karim Panzetta – Would You Be Mine

A soft and emotional flow builds a minimal setting in the new track of singer/songwriter Karim Panzetta. As the summer slowly comes to an end this year, the track injects a soft and warm groove that uses an intelligent mix of synth textures, vocal snippets, and a soul-soaked rhythm to create the canvas for the vocals.

These vocals are done ultra-clean, yet within this signature silky atmosphere, they feel perfectly at home. Telling their love story, they give the track a real natural vibe and a very accessible texture. In other words, the slow groover takes the lead as if it were a warm blanket comforting you on a cold night. For me, the secret of “Would You Be Mine” is the unique soulful approach that holds a perfect balance of emotion, passion, and energy.

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Florian Maier

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