Lealiza – Solica

The new release of singer/songwriter Lealiza is a unique blend of music and history. Telling the story of Morrocco resident Solica Hatchouel who was executed in 1834 at the age of 17 for holding on to her belief and faith, the track carries a lot of emotional weight. Backed by traditional instruments, the track builds a unique canvas for the flawless vocals of Detroit-based singer/songwriter Lealiza.

What makes the track so intriguing for me is the amount of heartfelt emotion embedded in both vocal performance and backing instruments’ delivery. Done with a very high amount of sensitive and meaningful weight, the track not only offers history but also serves as a reminder of what and who we are, or better yet, can be as humans. “Solica” stands both as a testament to history and as a tribute to the young protagonist. The track manages to transmit an almost unreal amount of emotion just by being honest, calm, and sophisticated in its approach. That combination is something that can be found in most of the works of Lealiza.

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