Grandios Sensibel – Those Who Throw a Stone

I am really stunned by the intensity of this tune. With only a necessary amount of elements, “Those Who Throw a Stone” builds an unstoppable atmosphere that starts with a spark and evolves into a tidal wave of emotional energy.

In a musical landscape that’s saturated with pop and linearity, the artist known as Grandios Sensibel knows exactly how to build something that lasts. Vibes that cut deep into your soul, words, and melodies that leave a mark because of their intensity. Taken from the 2021 released album “Jugend”, the track builds from a dark place from a vulnerable point of view, scratching and clawing its way to a unique mix of down-low desperation and despair up high to confidence, bravery, and a signature enough-is-enough vibe. Telling a story from the perspective of a young refugee woman, arriving with her child by boat in Europe, the track both hits the mark regarding emotional potency and builds a scenario transmitting the feeling in such a brutally honest way that you as listener feel stripped naked in a way. All in all, it’s exactly this intensity that stuns me most about this track. Melissa Klingelhöfer, the mastermind behind Grandios Sensibel, uses her creativity to speak up when so many others won’t. The blend of music and a human rights statement, better yet, a reminder of our responsibility as humans, is a plain goosebumps concept.

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