Claire Bigley – Immersion

A slow approach. An atmosphere evolves like walking through a hallway with what you call “home” at the end. The new release of Claire Bigley contains so much room for interpretation, yet for me, this picture is the most fitting. As you walk down the hallway, there are pictures on the walls on both sides. As you take a look at them, your memories are triggered, the sound and the sparkling extras feel like a trip down memory line, flickering lights of the past you both want and don’t want to remember.

Three minutes are not enough to walk down there. While the soft piano melodies and shimmering extra textures build that scenario, time feels like slowing down, as you want to stop and hold on to specific memories, but since that is not how life works, you’re gently pushed forward. I love that “Immersion” creates this life-bound flow, reminding the listener in a very understanding and caring way that we’re part of something bigger. Good times remind us why we are here and why we do what we do, while bad times remind us why we also have to fight, scratch, and claw to hold on to the beauty called life.

For me, it’s fascinating how the track uses what I’d like to call “slow-motion vibe” to trigger memories in a signature-styled sensitive manner. As many artists out there know already, you cannot stage that. Creating a vibe like this is engraved in your DNA.

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Florian Maier

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