Sam Tompkins – See Me

It’s rare that music really moves you. In a world where we’re just walking by most of really significant topics, the new release of Sam Tompkins made me stop and stare, so to speak. In an unexpected intensity, the artist shows a huge amount of personal thoughts, of his heart and soul.

And as if this wasn’t impressive enough, he does so in such an honest way that it hurts, because he makes the listener realize that in some way, we all feel like the song describes. Tompkins puts the finger where it hurts, but not in an aggressive or accusing way. And that’s exactly what makes “See Me” so damn intense. I felt those things before, heck, until this day I still feel this way sometimes. And I’m absolutely sure that most of you out there do, too. We’re humans after all. We go through rough patches of excruciating self assessment, and so many times, we find ourselves being our own worst enemy. And somehow, the singer/songwriter knew exactly how to transmit these thoughts and feelings in the most intense and honest way, to let us know we’re not alone, showing us what music is about.

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Florian Maier

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