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Max Clouth Clan – Surrender To What Is (Kabuki Dub Remix)

With a mysterious atmosphere, this track remix invites you to float in several dimensions.

Creating something I’d like to call an “indian space vibe”, this track originally performed by Max Clouth Clan back in 2018 was converted into a groove-packed tune remixed by electro artist/producer Kabuki. What I find most intriguing is those mighty drums on this one. Although the drums in the original version were mighty loose as well, this time they contain something even more irresistible to make you move. Plus the mix was tightened and loaded with more density and detail. All those little one-shot and effect gems happening in the background deliver that ultra-spaced room to float in, but the drums along the bass line feel like the heartbeat of the whole project. Although this is an electro track, for me there’s also an unbelievable amount of human feel attached due to the vintage drum stems and the muted guitar tracks.

Along some oriental percussion, the remix of “Surrender To What Is” serves the listener a big bowl of groove, too energetic and intense for chillout, but too laid back to just call it “electro”. This track really is something not to put into one predefined category. But it’s a track to feel, to groove along and to float in.

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