Lo que nunca nos dijimos (Juan María Solare)

Argentinian composer and pianist Juan María Solare doesn’t just create music. In my opinion, he creates nothing less than little time capsules filled with the essence of what whe are as humans.

In one of his newer works, the artist puts in a lot of feelable emotion, yet it’s not too obvious. Transmitted by piano only, the melodies create this vulnerable moment in which you can see and feel your own emotions. Done with a sophisticated mix of melancholy and what I only can describe as an ever-knowing smile, the track has two faces: the one looking back at the past, worrying about what once was, and the one looking into the future, wisely knowing that it’s never too late to change things.

Of course, this is just one of the many interpretations possible. “Lo que nunca nos dijimos” (“What we never said each other”) dares to question the need of verbosity in communication, and it does so in a very sensitive way. They say communication is key, right. Truth is though that most of the humans want clarity at all times, yet at the same time, most of the humans also cannot really handle the truth well. For me, the tune pictures a way to express things in both a straighforward and a contextual level, using different moods and expressions within the same song. This concept creates an intriguing correlation which is feelable at every stage of the tune.

Solare found a perfect way to express his intentions in this song. And it’s a way that leaves it up to the listener what to make of it. This is what I like to call “soulfood”. Somewhere in between melancholy and happiness, there’s a whole world of emotion that cannot be described, and it shouldn’t be. At least not with words, but rather with music.

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