Turn the record over (Emina Sonnad)

You gotta love this slow mover by singer/songwriter Emina Sonnad. Get ready to get lost in retro-flavored melancholic vibes that feel like sitting on a swing on a warm summer evening.

The unique storytelling capabilities of the tune caught my attention immediately. With very slow vintage elements, the track develops something special I can only describe as a “captivating honesty waltz”. The vulnerable vocals are accompanied by a defensive and almost shy piano, and a laid back sophisticated beat going by the golden rule “less is more”. Due to this concept, the track can easily switch bewteen energy and emotion, depending on the lyrics at hand. And that’s a very addictive component of “Turn the record over”. It’s the ability to transmit emotional energy in such a refined manner that the whole atmosphere of the song gets this glowing stripped down no-shenanigans aura.

Being about looking back on how good people can exist within low points of your life, the track contains a truth that everybody knows, but it’s a hard one to accept as well. The hard part of acknowledging that love can be both unconditional and finite is transmitted through those mesmerizing vocals, and as they tell the story, they put this signature awesome signature styled swingy melancholy into the tune.

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