Magnetic (Jeff Adell)

Feel that? The new release of singer/songwriter Jeff Adell creates a unique atmosphere that allows the listener to fully blend in.

In a very floaty soft setting, the tune tells its story in a remarkable way. What drew me towards this song was the underlying expression of the vocals in this scenario. You could expect some hypnotic, stoner-like vibe happening in the scenery created by the backing, but the vocals of Adell bring something different to the table. It’s a certain urgency connected to a desperate vibe that won’t fully burst out uncontrolled, but its present is felt nevertheless. Due to this vibe, the tune feels very dense, and walks an awesome path between thoughts and reality.

Dealing with going through hard times, being frustrated and being able to express it, the track transmits exactly this frustration, but not in an overlay pressing or angry way. This what I’d like to call “calm seriousness” instantly connected with me simply because I can relate. And I’m sure so do many out there. Giving feelings like these substance and meaning through music is a higher art in my opinion. It’s not just about creating a banger that no one will remember three months from now, it’s about creating a connection, about letting the listener know that he/she is not alone with what he/she feels. All in all, this tune is about life itself, telling its story with meaningful content and an addicitive soft groove.

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Florian Maier

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