Crash (The Mercy Stone)

The new release of The Mercy Stone builds something epic and meaningful. After the first notes, you’ll know what I mean.

Listen to this. A present beat, along female vocals delivering the narrative with such power and emotional force that this tune doesn’t even need a fast-paced setting. And these elements are sided with melodic components when needed. What I love about this tune is its ability to deliver in what seems to be slow motion without giving away an ounce of energy.

You know the old less-is-more rule, right? I believe that this concept is one of the core materials “Crash” was built with. While the tune takes its time, focusing on handcrafted textures instead of brute walls of sound, there’s something majestic added to the scene. With every note hitting on spot, the vocals feel like they are “wrapped in” the melodic textures of the backing, without ever getting swarmed or disturbed. You can hear and feel the love for detail and thought that was given to every single aspect of the track. In a musical landscape that gets flooded with fast superficial bangers on a daily basis, it’s songs like this one that reminds you of the beauty and expressive ability of music.

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Florian Maier

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