A Winter’s Elegy (Steven Poole)

With the new year just beginning, let’s start it with some soft and reflective melodies.

The new release of classical trained multi-instrumentalist Steven Poole impresses with a soft but also assertive vibe. With just piano melodies, the story is told with a credible human flair. Concepted as a bittersweet farewell song, the main theme acknowledges a certain base melancholy, but in my opinion it grants the listener a more positive and uplifting mood as well. In a way, I feel the tune as the passing of the old, which simply has to happen to make room for the new. As the melodic story gives the things of the past room to shine one more time, it also looks into the future with brightness and optimism.

And it’s this overall moodset that fascinates me about “A Winter’s Elegy”. Its ability to blend melancholy with a lightweight component is the embodiment of what they call “with both a twinkle and a tear”. In other words, the tune pictures the emotion perfectly, giving it a very relatable context.

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