Indevildual (Arcus)

Taken from the album “Masquerade” released this year, this track will take you on a trip between between mesmeric psytrance, ethereal ambient sounds, and even heavy rock. Yes. You read that right.

You gotta love the versatile nature of this tune. There’s a seamless genre blend happening, and this blend creates a unique feelable atmosphere somewhere in between uncomfortable, exciting, floating, driving, confusing, and mesmerizing. The listener gets “pushed” from one scenery to the other as the music creates this enigmatic scenery.

And that is what makes “Indevildual” so special for me, it’s this mysterious dense story that’s changing in a special way. You never know what hides behind the next corner. In a way, the tune feels like a theatrical play, several acts with a nightmare-ish textured undertone forming a story. The track pictures a deep down below density, and a hidden tension that uses a very methodical rhythmic construct on one hand, but a rather erratic sound concept on the other.

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