Al Pride – Sober By Tomorrow

Okay, I admit it – I am not really a fan of live recorded one-takes or session recordings. Well, at least I wasn’t – until today. “Sober By Tomorrow” made me a fan in an instant.

With a soft, emotional and thoughtful arrangement, the song transmits feeling on all levels. Of course the music relies on the soulful vocals of Astrid Fuellemann, but that’s not all there is, not by a longshot. Al Pride has eight members, each one with a unique way of interpreting the performed theme. There are guitar and bass players along wind players (saxophone, trombone and flugelhorn) to find in the group. The percussionist/drummer uses all sorts of elements within the production. It seems that those eight people have found a real connection to merge their sounds into their songs.

Eight people, guys. Together. Being am musician myself, I know how hard it can be to even make THREE people go the same direction within a session, and the fact that everyone carefully listens and reacts to what is happening (mind you, this is a live session take) is an absolute thing of beauty in my opinion. The level of understanding every artist brings into play is something to bow your head in silence and respect as a fellow musician.

The track transmits a huge amount of melancholy along defensive vocals and heavy-hearted melodies. This track is felt more than it is heard in my opinion. What the guys of Al Pride accomplished in this live take is hard to realize for some in countless takes in the studio.

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