Dasha – Wish That You Were Here

Containing an irresistible vulnerable fragility, the new release of 22-year-old singer-songwriter Dasha has the one special ingredient that any ballad out there needs: relatable emotion. In an intimate setting with only a minimum of backing texture, these flawless vocals tell their story in a way that make you stop and stare.

I love the fact that the track builds slowly, drawing its momentum and density through an intelligent mix of soft melodies, a heartfelt story, and what I’d like to call crystalline soul snowflakes. Falling in slow motion, these little beacons of emotion one by one hit their mark, telling about scars of life and love. All in all, it’s exactly this signature sensitivity that makes the tune such a shining star out there. Taken from the fourthcoming album “Dirty Blonde”, “Wish That You Were Here” is a honest and heartfelt ballad that really peaks your interest about what else is waiting on the new album.

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