Laura Dannan – Midlife Crisis

I’ll give it to you, this tune isn’t the best mixed, nor is it top notch industrial standard regarding performance or well-rounded appearance. But that’s the whole point of the new release of British singer/songwriter Laura Dannan.

It’s all about the honesty, and the relatable core of the new release called “Midlife Crisis”. With just a naked guitar backing, multi-talented Dannan delivers the story in a refreshing, fun, but also not sugarcoded truthful way. And what I love about that approach are the comedical aspects that Dannan managed to pack into, while in fact reality might hold more tragical than comedical aspects. The escapism happening within that stage of life can be seen from multiple angles, and I am fascinated by hearing her lighthearted take on that, with calm yet assertive vocals, and a backing that won’t blur or dilute anything.

It’s just the story being told, and that’s it. Within this scenario, as listener I think it’s refreshing to not be blasted with another sterile meaningless banger, but with a song many of us can relate to, and done in a fashion that many of us can relate to. Long story short, this is pure honesty with a smile, and a sincere handling of an aspect of life we all know too well.

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