Estella Dawn – Follow

This release of New Zealand born, US resident singer/songwriter Estella Dawn combines a certain stripped down honesty with a soulful lush swing. And if you ask me, this is exactly where the artist works her magic best.

As the lush groove along the unobtrusive guitar melodies build a safe and relaxed environment, there they are again: these addictive vocals. This time not dominant nor driving, but with a well-balanced mix of melancholy, vulnerability and intimacy.

And as in other tracks of Dawn before, its exactly this intriguing mix that caught my attention in the first place. This tune is just soaked in credibility. In every other tune of the singer, the listener will find something truthful and honest, as if all of her tunes were chapters of her own experience and life. You cannot fake the amount of heart and soul present in this track (or almost every other track of her). Taking its time, and being a raw and open dedication to a significant other, “Follow” is indeed what once was called “a modern twist on the ‘our song’ of a generation”.

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