The Tame and the Wild – The Villain Kills The Hero In This One

I have to admit, I love outside the box thinking. Without even having played the song, my interest was raised for obvious title reasons. And once I clicked play on the latest release of the Luxembourg based project, I figured out that not only the title was an unusual approach.

There’s this lush, dark and oddworld-ish atmosphere created by a rare mixture of handmade and generic elements. Everything is dark, but also has a certain aura attached that creates an effective counterpart to the melancholic vibes happening. The vocals of course do their part to tell the story in a signature styled enchanting way, and along the playful melodic extras, they are done defensive, yet ultra-effective at the same time.

To sum it up, this track transmits a gorgeous relaxed intensity, and contains both tamed and wild vibes. Oh, and if you happen to like it it brighter and warmer, I also suggest another release of The Tame and the Wild called “Summer of August” , where the signature styled songwriting was situated in the same relaxed setting, but uses more emotional warmth to shift the mood to an autumn-like cozy atmosphere. I love that the music of these guys feels like snapshots out of the life and the minds of the band. Or, as Seja Rockel and Flëpp Wenger state it in their extraordinary band portrait, the tunes are like polaroids, nostalgic moments made to songs.

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