Artificial Island – Transit

This tune builds a safe haven for everybody. The latest release of London based duo Artifical Island uses soft synth progressions, warm saturated melodies, and glowing widespread textures to build an atmosphere where everything is illuminated, warm, and meant to exist in peace and harmony.

The arpeggiated backing constructs blend seamlessly with the unobtrusive rhythmic components, percussive highlights and the steady beat. Doing its thing like nature when it gets dark, the tune and every single component in it feels at ease and slowly preparing for the next stage, as the melodies spread an understanding and relaxed vibe.

“Transit” is the perfect tune to let the day come to an end, to get rid of all the sorrow and negative thoughts you collected throughout the day. Every single element in the tune just coexists in harmony in this well-rounded soft atmosphere, and that’s exactly what makes this track so addictive. It’s both a steady, almost meditative flow, and an evolutionary process that’s happening.

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Florian Maier

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