Nate Amor – Count on the Rain

The sound of Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Nate Amor’s tune sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Better yet, the feeling it transmits feels all too familiar, right. Everybody hit rock bottom before. We all did, it’s part of life. What’s new about this is the honesty and intensity in which Amor puts this feeling into music.

With a defensive and calm approach, the track uses mostly the singer’s voice to let the music aim for the heart and soul of every listener. With a sophisticated emotional base, these vocals tell their story in a wide range of emotional expressions, from beaten down, to desperately scratching and clawing, to an uplifting and positive outlook. While the unobtrusive guitar-based backing supports the powerful well-rounded core of the song, in the end the track draws all of its feelable power from these extraordinary vocals.

“Count on the Rain” is a total package. Passion, energy, emotion, expression – everything just falls right in place in this tune. This track will lift you up from the ground while telling about one of the most truthful facts in life.

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